Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Papaya, Ashland Shopping

I have family in southern Oregon, which brings me down there a couple times a year. While I'm there I always include a shopping trip to Ashland. Its a quirky little town, most famous for having the Shakespeare Festival, but also for being quite the artsy, bohemian town with hippie vibe. For example the Safeway is almost deserted, while the natural foods co-op tends to be bubbling over with people. I've come to love this shop Papaya!, which I consider fairly new but has probably been there for at least a year and a half now. I highly recommend you check out there website. I was very excited about my purchase, particularity the John & Yoko poster. Since I'm still in the process of getting situated in my place, room decor finds are that much more exciting. & the cherry on top was the great re-usable shopping bag you get with your purchase. I was ecstatic when Urban Outfitters started using them, but the one from Papaya! is slightly sturdier, and included a pocket, along with being much more interesting to look at. Will defiantly be using it for overnighters and/or carrying school books. Speaking of school books, I really should get some homework done.


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  1. Cool jewelry :) I love nifty finds in random stores. Sounds like a fun and relaxed time at southern oregon!

    keep in touch :)

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