Sunday, September 16, 2012

What's in my bag

I love this vintage tapestry bag I inherited from my grandmother. However I am a bit limited about what I can stash into it, as I have become quite accustomed to oversize bags. Therefore I pick and choose wisely. My shoulder loves the benefit of the occasional lightly packed purse.

For the most part this bag contains the essentials. Things that I always carry with me. A travel sized lotion is one of them, so I can continue moisturizing my hands throughout the day. I love this Tuscan Blood Orange body butter by Pacifica. It is all natural, made in the northwest, and a portion of proceeds support clean water. So it is an all around win. I've also lately been hooked on rollerball perfumes. I switch my fragrance depending on my moods. Currently I am carrying  patchouli essential oil,  & Lady Million by Paco Rabanne rollerball. I always have Burts Bee's chapstick, and a book do read during any downtime. Just finished, and loved Wondeful Tonight by Pattie Boyd, a memoir by the ex wife & muse of  both George Harrison and Eric Clapton. As I am obsessed with both the sixties, and the excessive life of the classic rock stars, I felt this book was a must read. The Hello Kitty Wallet was a gift, and I love that it has a million compartments, as I keep way to much, it allows me a form of organization.I'm also carrying a palo santo smudge stick. Smells amazing, I got this one at a festival, but it can also be found here.

So there you have it. The current, yet always changing, contents of my bag.


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  2. I have that exact same Tuscan Blood Orange body butter! I love it so much!