Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Euro Trip Part 1: Amsterdam and Gothenburg

The top three photos were taken during my short time in Amsterdam. I was there on a layover and decided to explore the downtown area, as it seemed more appealing then the airport. (Duh!)

 These three are from my time spent in Gothenburg, Sweden at the beginning of my trip. I returned for about a week at the end, my boyfriends "Mormor" lives in the city. I'm so in love with Sweden. I want to go back!!!!

I've decided to post the Europe photos in small parts, and interlude with other posts. This way I can blog about other things while blogging about my travels, & I get to relive my summer adventure for just a bit longer.

-Elizabeth Joy


  1. Amsterdam looks awesome! I really want to go travelling x


    1. I highly recommend it!
      Where are you living now?