Friday, March 1, 2013

In The Sky With Diamonds

Vest- Thrifted/DIY
Jacket- Nordstrom
Socks- Forever 21
Necklace- Vintage

This Lords of Liverpool tank is an absolute staple in my wardrobe. I'm actually a little surprised I haven't posted it sooner, considering I wear it all the time. I got a bit chilly while shooting this outfit (don't let that winter time sunshine fool you) & had to put on my jackets, which actually ended up adding the the look. I recently picked up this denim jacket from the thrift store & chopped the sleeves off. I have plans to add some studs soon, make it a bit edgier. Oh, and in case you're wondering I did get my bangs trimmed the day after this shoot, so I can see again! All the better to type to you with, my dear.