Monday, January 20, 2014

Pretty Things and the Root Chakra

lingerie, forever21, f21, flat layout, lace

Purchased a few pretty things at Forever 21 the other day. I've been especially in love with the hoop earrings, pictured above. I also have a thing for lightweight and lacy lingerie. For a special someone, you may ask? Nope, just decided to treat myself.

 On another note, I've been focusing on a healthy body, mind, and soul for the past year and a half or so now. I find this to be such an important part of life and want to share information with my readers. I have known about the chakras for sometime, but have often felt that the information I was reading about them was not only hard to relate to but hard to retain. I found this article on the Free People blog written in an informative and easy to read way. I encourage you to check it out, & learn more about your root chakra.

Image courtesy of the Free People blog.

-Elizabeth Joy


  1. I adore the pieces you picked up, they're so cute and I really really really want them! Why don't I have a forever 21 near me!? Followed you on bloglovin and gfc so I can keep up to date with your amazing purchases!

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